The highly exclusive skin line Cuvée Prestige from GK Cosmetics is a real treat for skin and senses. You can expect the best vintage of the finest active ingredients in anti-aging skin care. Because good is not good enough for us. It should indeed be the best, especially when it comes to your skin. Cuvée Prestige spreads the special and sparkling touch of youthfulness. For all age-groups. Enjoy the luxury of daily visible skin care sensations!

Rating: Particularly well tolerated and highly effective. Behind Cuvée Prestige lies the secret of the finest grapes. Gained from the highest quality grapes in France, they give this skin care line that certain something. The royal fruits are a special treat for skin and cells and are naturally endowed with highly effective components for youthful looking skin. From the outside small and delicate, from the inside equipped to perfection against the external and visible signs of aging. In conjunction with the innovative Dermis-Activator QT40® you can now also look forward to exceptional anti-aging effects with a high pampering factor. Grapes & QT40® : Two ingredients with luxurious added value. The royal grape contains numerous anti-aging super stars with a firming and supportive action. A special highlight is the natural PCO (procyanidolic oligomers). It protects the skin from external and harmful influences and has a revitalizing effect. QT40® helps refining the facial contours, the elasticity of the skin is visibly improved. In a nutshell: With the Cuvée Prestige product you experience elegance. On the skin.